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smart Hišni vodni avtomat

406,99€z DDV

Za napredno oskrbo hiš in vrtov z vodo

The GARDENA smart Pressure Pump can be used for domestic service water supply, for flushing the toilet and for the washing machine. But it can also be used as time-controlled garden pump. To fully control all pump functions, all it takes is a quick look in the GARDENA smart App on your smartphone or tablet. Information on the pressure, the delivery volume or potential malfunctions and their elimination can be simply accessed with the touch of a fingertip. The smart Pressure Pump is equipped with a 1,300 watt jet pump, which quickly, reliably and quietly pumps up to 5,000 litres of water per hour. The innovative non-return valve guarantees fast suction. The integrated low-quantity programme ensures reliable operation even for small delivery capacities. A foldable carrying handle on the unit enables space-saving storage and easy transport. A GARDENA smart gateway is needed to use the pump. This gateway is included in all GARDENA smart system Start sets.
Tehnične specifikacije
Št. izdelka 19080-20
EAN koda: 4078500022538
Moč 1300 W
Maks. količina vode 5000 l/h
Maks. tlak 5 bar
Največja samosesalna višina 8 m
Maks. dvižna višina 50 m
Teža 13.4 kg
Dolžina kabla 1.5 m
Priključni kabel H07 RNF
Razred zaščite IP X4

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